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Session Spotlight: Doing it Wrong

What happens when you dive into working with WordPress and discover the worldwide community that supports it? You might just learn that “doing it wrong” has a totally different meaning than you originally thought.

Marc Gratch wraps up the day with his personal story of “Doing it Wrong” and how he came to be involved in the WordPress community, and share some ideas about how you can get involved, too.

Building community in “The Big Friendly”

WordCamp is a great way to build and strengthen the local WordPress community, which is one reason we’re excited to kick off the event with local developer and community builder Aaron D. Campbell, talking about Being a Good Citizen in the WordPress Community.

Aaron has been a regular contributor to WordPress for the last eight years, and even co-lead the WordPress 3.6 release (which is a pretty big deal). He’ll help us find out how we can help make WordPress better through good community citizenship.