Blogging and Content Creation for WordPress

Presented by Nile Flores in The Big Friendly.

Blogging seems to be the best way to get recognition for a nifty talent, share your experience with the world, or even leverage your business. Content creation, aside from social engagement, is truly one of the life-bloods of building an authority in your niche. In this session we’ll go over:

– Basic blogging tips
– A little about SEO and how to keep it in mind when creating content
– Some syndication and social sharing tips
– How to avoid that dreaded bloggers block.

I’ll even give you plenty of resources to topic ideas to take away so you never have a problem creating content ever again!

Beginner WordPress Security

Presented by Gerroald Barron in The Big Friendly.

Highlights of this talk include:

  • The basics on hardening your WordPress application and best security practices.
  • The importance of Strong passwords, Two-Factor, secure file permissions and using SFTP encryption.
  • The basics on hardening the install by changing Salts, removing username admin and the admin ID of 1.
  • The importance of maintaining backups and updates.

Doing It Wrong

Presented by Marc Gratch in The Big Friendly.

In 2007 I started a brand management agency. The 3 owners were a designer, a web developer and myself as the business director. At our peak we were doing everything wrong. Years later after the company folded and I was managing a solid number of clients I was still doing it wrong.

In 2014 I attended my first two WordCamps, sponsored a few and spoke at one. I began attending my local meetup and tweeting about WordPress as much as possible. I learned more in 12 months of being involved in the WordPress community than I had for 7 years prior.

This talk will center around that story while educating the audience about how to make the most of the WordPress community, the vast number of resources out there and how to give back.

After Party – Dave & Buster’s

Presented in The Big Friendly.

Don’t let the fun stop just because our WordCamp sessions have finished. Join us at Dave & Buster’s¬†for more WordPress fun! Our room with buffet dinner is reserved until 8 PM. All are welcome to stay and play as long as they’d like after the official end of the event.

Being a Good Citizen in the WordPress Community

Presented by Aaron D. Campbell in The Big Friendly.

You use WordPress on a regular basis, maybe even to make a living, and you want to get involved in the community. How can you step into the community and be a good citizen? How can you be helpful? How can you disagree in a constructive way? Find out how you can help make WordPress better by being a good citizen in the community.

Marketing for WordPress

Presented by Natasha Martin in The Big Friendly.

We don’t just create user personas when planning out web projects anymore. Companies are now striving for a 360 degree view of their customers and how they interact with their services, whether it be through a public website, customer service portal, mobile app, contact form or other touch point.

Learn how you can help your clients or colleagues create customer journeys that map out the full experience of a customer’s interactions across multiple channels and build out some of those interactions through plugins and custom landing pages in WordPress that integrate with other marketing platforms like Mailchimp, social media and Google analytics.

We’ll cover conceptual information and get a little technical on the implementation, but this is a presentation designed for all levels of experience with WordPress and other content management systems.

Accessibility Tips, Tricks & Best Practices for Plugin Developers

Presented by Trisha Salas in The Big Friendly.

We hear a lot about accessibility for themes but what about plugins? Are there any differences that you need to be aware of when building a plugin? In this talk we’ll answer that question by sharing some of the lessons we learned in our ongoing effort to make The Events Calendar plugin more accessible.

We’ll show you how to audit your plugin for accessibility, give you tips and tricks for big wins with minimal effort and show you tools you can use for ongoing testing. You’ll walk away with the knowledge needed to provide a better web experience for everyone using your plugin.

The Buyer’s Journey – a Content Strategy for Your Blog or Business Website

Presented by Chris Lema in The Big Friendly.

Everyone tells you to write more. No one tells you what to write. Or more importantly, how to be helpful. Chris articulates a strategy that allows him to help others – a strategy that you can copy for yourself – on your blog or business site.