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Guest Post – BigWing Interactive Loves WordPress

When we at BigWing Interactive found out a WordCamp was coming to OKC, to say we were excited would be an understatement.

As a Digital Marketing Agency that offers WordPress development alongside other marketing services, we wholeheartedly support a major WordPress conference coming to our community.

Our Clients Love WordPress

WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System for good reason. The learning curve is lower than other CMS’s, the back-end, for the most part, is intuitive and easy to use, and the platform is highly extensible with many free and premium plugins available.

For our clients, it means a quicker development turnaround, which results in high-value end-product at a lower cost.

With the extensibility that WordPress provides, clients can have a fully functional calendar, membership site, or e-commerce store with relatively little effort. What once took months or years to develop from scratch is now a matter of a week or two with the help of the myriad of available WordPress plugins.

How BigWing Gives Back to WordPress

BigWing believes highly in Five for the Future. We benefit greatly from WordPress and believe in giving back to help continue the project.

We’ve sent speakers to WordCamps, sponsored a local WordCamp, and have developed or contributed to several WordPress plugins.

We also encourage our developers to attend weekly WordPress meetings during work hours and contribute to WordPress core.

Looking Forward to the Future

BigWing is excited for the future of WordPress, especially in regards to our clients. We’re always looking for the best tools to make our clients’ lives easier and to help them grow their businesses.

With WordPress, we’re confident in the short and long-term that we can continue to provide value and quality for our clients.