WordCamp OKC Tickets – Use Twitter & #WCOKC

Do you have a ticket for WordCamp OKC, but now can’t attend? Maybe you’re looking for a ticket OKC WordCamp buffalofor the sold-out event.

If you’re in either of these categories, we recommend that you post on Twitter if you are seeking a ticket or have a ticket you can’t use. Then search the hashtag #WCOKC from time to time.

Whoever gets a ticket from someone else can change the name of the attendee by using the link contained in the confirmation email.


5 thoughts on “WordCamp OKC Tickets – Use Twitter & #WCOKC

  1. I bought a ticket but missed my confirmation email. What can I do now for a ticket to my Wordcamp?

    1. Hi Cynthia, sorry you missed the confirmation email after registering; I just checked and confirmed your registration info, shirt size, and meal preference, so you’re all set.
      We don’t have physical tickets, so just check in at the table the morning of WordCamp and pick up your badge.

      If you need to make any changes to your registration, you can email okc@wordcamp.org and we can send you a link to do that.

      See you in a few weeks!

  2. I’m interested in buying a ticket, since Wordcamp is sold out. My question is, If you buy a ticket from someone who is already registered, will they forward you their confirmation email?

    1. Hi Laurel,
      Yes, everyone who registered should have an email. If you arrange to get someone’s ticket, they can email their confirm to you and you can use the link in the email to go in and change the attendee from them to you. It works!

      1. Hi Lynn,
        Are you still in need of volunteers for Wordcamp? I may be able to volunteer … am working on seeing if someone can trade shifts with me on Saturday. Let me know. Thus far, haven’t been able to find a ticket.

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